Smoke problems in the fireplace?


• The main causes of smoke problems in the fireplace

• Solutions to be accepted

• Product selection


The main causes of smoke problems in the fireplace


Like many of us in our homes, we have to withstand the nightmare of smoke coming out of the fireplace and entering our house, so every year we have to paint the walls, bleach the laundry, and feel that it is uncomfortable for our friends Invite dinner?


The main causes of smoke in the fireplace are:


¬ Disproportionate basket mouth - a problem which, if not carefully addressed in the implementation phase, can become a serious problem with respect to the normal smoke circulation in the chimney;

¬ A narrow or curved chimney - another difficult problem that prevents the normal exit of smoke from the chimney;

¬ The less advantageous position of the house is always exposed to the winds, which prevent the smoke from escaping and returning permanently to the opening of the basket.


Solutions for removing smoke from the chimney


In order to finally solve the problem of smoke, it is necessary to install an electric device to effect the forced draft, and therefore the smoke can be more easily discharged from the chimney.


Product selection


The choice of the product that finally solves the smoke problem in the chimney is extremely important. You need to rely on a product that can withstand high temperatures, is easy to install and requires no special maintenance.


BAROTE SRLS manufactures and distributes state-of-the-art electrical smoke extractors that are lightweight, easy to install and, above all, of high quality and reliability. The electric motors are provided with a ceramic fiber sheath, which ensures the vacuum cleaner high resistance to high temperatures and long-lasting fires. After numerous tests, one last vulnerability was also fixed. The engines are equipped with a vaseline tank that ensures long-term lubrication of the bearings (the part that is most subject to friction and wear) and protects the engine over the years without having to regularly service the vacuum cleaner since BAROTE SRLS offers a lifetime warranty on its products.


The lubrication tank is an exclusive BAROTE patent, which is legally registered and protected by copyright.


By installing a BAROTE smoke exhaust fan equipped with a 6-stage regulator, the final solution of the smoke problem in the chimney, oven or grill is ensured. Equipped with a square and / or round floor in various sizes, which can be adapted to all the needs of our customers who are faced with the smoke evacuation, the fan ensures a uniform extraction of soot, preventing its accumulation in the chimney and preventing fires ,


In short, the BAROTE Smoke Aspirator is the top product you will find on the market.